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Health-info is a separate business area from where we distribute our health programs. It all started with the breastfeeding video "Breast is Best", 17 years ago. The first edition was translated into 26 foreign languages and sold in thousands, worldwide.

Through this we achieved a certain reputation as a manufacturer of health programs. Now we have several significant productions behind us.  


El pecho no tiene horario" (2nd edition). This mainly new version of Breast is Best is revised and extended to also demonstrate e.g the importance of skin-to-skin contact, even in caesarean section, easy feeding at night, step by step feeding cues and latching on, tongue-tie, carrying etc. etc. A film from the National Recource Centre for Breastfeeding, Rikshospitalet University Hospital, 0027 Oslo, Norway.

Produced 2008. NTSC version. Duration 43 mins. Price USD 19.95. Packed in a simple cardboard cover.
Language: English and Spanish. 7 mins trailer: youtu.be/Cuu8UEXzVQ0

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"Breastfeeding" 23 short films with specific and useful tips and advice about breastfeeding. For information and self assistance. 

Produced 2010. PAL version. Duration: 30 min. Language: Norwegian and English. 
Price EUR 25.00 


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"Breast is Best" (2nd edition). As above, but packed in standard DVD box. 

Produced 2008. PAL version. Duration 43 mins. Price EUR 25,00  

Language: English. 7 mins trailer: youtu.be/Cuu8UEXzVQ0 

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Send din forespørsel eller bestilling til: health-info@videovital.no

Filmene kan bestilles her. Alle oppgitte priser er inkl. MVA. Porto kommer i tillegg.

"Is it possible?" ...a film about breastfeeding babies with cleft lip and palate.
Although cleft lip and palate is ranked as the 4th most common birth defect, health care professionals may have little or no experience with breastfeeding councelling in affected families. This instuctional film is not meant to replace, but to supplement individual guidance and support in maternity wards or well-baby clinics. It provides practical information to parents, clinicians and others with an interest in the topic. 

Produced 2008. PAL version. Duration 23 mins. Language: Norwegian and English. 
Price EUR 25.00 

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